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Definition of slap:

  1. A blow, esp. one given with the open hand, or with something broad.
  2. To strike with the open hand, or with something broad.
  3. With a sudden and violent blow; hence, quickly; instantly; directly.


stroke, affront, lick, brickbat, butt, offense, lash, clink, stripe, douse, hack, stick, relish, stun, swipe, scarify, gird, bust, tang, plunk, rigidly, pound, dis, put-down, flavour, right now, administer, hell dust, smooch, straight, beat up, clangor, nose drops, punish, slug, belt, wallop, barb, blister, bop, switch, personality, clip, smack, smacking, dig, skag, smash, hammer blow, welt, bang, throw, headlong, thud, toss, make an example of someone, bonk, deal out, slight, outrage, shove, scag, roast, suddenly, haymaker, clip-clop, mete out, hand down, whop, slur, clash, drub, clout, dump, batter, chuck, fast, straight away, slapdash, plump, spat, buffet, chop, blow, clatter, chink, savour, teach someone a lesson, larrup, rip into, thunder, spank, pick, dab, excoriate, praise, wham, scorch, bat, scourge, punch, poke, biff, swat, cut, scathe, spank, score, bolt, hook, sapidity, on-the-spot, plop, epithet, at once, instantly, promptly, hit, flay, discipline, pat, attack, indignity, box, penalize, savor, flavor, cuff, pelt, fillip, beat, stiffly, sarcasm, dart, bludgeon, big H, bash, stinger, take the law into your own hands, strike, slash, smacker, sock, slam-bang, name.

Usage examples: