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Definition of slaughter:

  1. The act of killing cattle or other beasts for market.
  2. The act of killing.
  3. The extensive, violent, bloody, or wanton destruction of life; carnage.
  4. To butcher; to kill for the market, as beasts.
  5. To visit with great destruction of life; to kill; to slay in battle.


bloodshed, butcher, abattoir, carnage, bloodbath, trouncing, slaughterhouse, put to death, despatch, whacking, help, tanning, whipstitching, study at carnage, mow down, mass murder, whipstitch, lacing, whipping, walloping, shambles, beating, thrashing, butchery, flagellation, fiasco, massacre, bloodletting, drubbing, licking, lashing, pogrom, flogging, debacle.

Usage examples: