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Definition of slay:

  1. To put to death with a weapon, or by violence; hence, to kill; to put an end to; to destroy.


mutilate, clear up, take out, zap, rub out, collide with, arrive at, get rid of, tally, wipe out, eat up, bump off, absent, take, bring the house down, tickle, croak, impinge on, take away, crack up, cut down, cut off, remove, reach, strike, claim, study at kill, dispatch, take someone's life, terminate, stumble, put away, tickle someone's fancy, fell, camp it up, run into, despatch, get, break up, clown, set off, help, come to, rack up, discharge, destroy, complete, polish off, gain, withdraw, whack, neutralize, send off, wrap up, give someone the giggles, knock off, shoot, finish, waste, crease up, finish up, transfer, murder, finish off, move out, off, score, attain, put to death, carry off, hit, make, pip, get through, mop up, mangle.

Usage examples: