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Definition of sledge:

  1. A game at cards; - called also old sledge, and all fours.
  2. A hurdle on which, formerly, traitors were drawn to the place of execution.
  3. A large, heavy hammer, usually wielded with both hands; - called also sledge hammer.
  4. A sleigh.
  5. A strong vehicle with low runners or low wheels; or one without wheels or runners, made of plank slightly turned up at one end, used for transporting loads upon the snow, ice, or bare ground; a sled.
  6. To travel or convey in a sledge or sledges.


cross-country skiing, binding, luge, heliskiing, move, mogul, sledgehammer, slide, chairlift, downhill, maul, sleigh, Aspen, inner-tubing, sled.

Usage examples: