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Definition of slew:

  1. A wet place; a river inlet.
  2. imp. of Slay.
  3. of Slay
  4. See Slue.


jam, push-down list, abridge, slither, skid, turn off, multitude, cumulation, set, bundle, smokestack, destiny, write out, big, curl, prune, curve, bunch, pot, switch off, foreshorten, fold, caboodle, rush, deal, spile, surge, turn out, push-down store, business deal, ream, geld, lot, sneak, grass, batch, portion, million, muddle, hand, voltaic pile, arc, steal, down, pile, potful, megabucks, good deal, arch, spate, cumulus, trim down, plenteousness, view, sess, cut down, kink, cut back, green goddess, plentifulness, big bucks, heap, skunk, bus, twist, throne, contract, drop off, mound, dope, issue, plenitude, thin, luck, masses, cud, chain reactor, snub, mass, drop away, trade, scad, fall away, circle, atomic reactor, rationalize, crook, wad, plentitude, dilute, tidy sum, push-down stack, slide, weed, softwood, smoke, band, plenty, gage, gob, sens, jillion, trend, mount, agglomerate, tailor, cut, quid, slip one's mind, draw, shorten, whole lot, slip, thin out, disregard, survey, trim back, atomic pile, zillion, load, edit out, whole slew, wind, trim, kettle of fish, ken, great deal, toilet, muckle, fate, chaw, jackpot, potbelly, big money, flowerpot, stack, can, luxate, galvanic pile, mistake, quite a little, kitty, fortune, nap, the great unwashed, bushel, pickle, mint, oodles, people, tummy, peck, clutch, skip, bargain, mickle, freshet, potentiometer, sight, slue, ignore, passel, upsurge, mountain, reduce, visual modality, bay window, veer, crapper, raft, make out, troop, edit, trillion, hatful, fix, bulk, sheer, hoi polloi, corporation, flock, err, mint candy, splay, stool, abbreviate, plug, dislocate, circumstances, bring down, swerve, jalopy, burn, muss, cut off, locoweed, mussiness, stilt, push-down storage, piling, volume, mess hall, potty, vision, hole, chew, mess, rationalise, hack, commode, messiness, visual sense, multiplicity.

Usage examples: