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Definition of slick:

  1. A slick, or smooth and slippery, surface or place; a sleek.
  2. A wide paring chisel.
  3. See Schlich.
  4. Sleek; smooth.
  5. To make sleek or smoth.


skid, hocus-pocus, suave, satin, rascality, catchy, dicey, trim, wily, shift, surface, knavish, trickiness, gaucherie, handy, elusion, sleek down, careful, chanceful, trickery, flowing, pillowcase, gaffe, crafty, slick magazine, silklike, strip, order, moorage, dodgy, chemise, dexterous, glib-tongued, solecism, silken, teddy, berth, cute, pat, wise, cunning, hanky panky, trip, silky, slick down, guileful, artful, tricksy, smooth, glib, glossy, chancy, parapraxis, skullduggery, words, facile, faux pas, ability, foxy, nimble, jiggery-pokery, cagey, sly, case, lubricious, savvy, mooring, groom, knowing, aerodynamic, pillow slip, skulduggery, oily, adroit, tricky, eluding, sleek, slickness, slip-up, plausible, satiny, slip of paper, slipperiness, miscue, smooth-tongued, glibness, shimmy, shiftiness, slip, slippy, slippery, sideslip, cutting, perspicacious.

Usage examples: