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Definition of slop:

  1. A loose lower garment; loose breeches; chiefly used in the plural.
  2. Any kind of outer garment made of linen or cotton, as a night dress, or a smock frock.
  3. Dirty water; water in which anything has been washed or rinsed; water from wash- bowls, etc.
  4. Mean and weak drink or liquid food; - usually in the plural.
  5. Ready- made clothes; also, among seamen, clothing, bedding, and other furnishings.
  6. To cause to overflow, as a liquid, by the motion of the vessel containing it; to spill.
  7. To overflow or be spilled as a liquid, by the motion of the vessel containing it; - often with over.
  8. To spill liquid upon; to soil with a liquid spilled.
  9. Water or other liquid carelessly spilled or thrown aboyt, as upon a table or a floor; a puddle; a soiled spot.


swill down, mush, guck, treacly, crush, crest, baby food, talk, mash, clean, birdseed, swill, remains, dirt, slurry, dairy, hysterics, slack, confectionery, slosh, wade, slush, e-waste, channel, slog, dung, histrionics, burst, birdseed, theatrical, ordure, muck, splash, dreck, dishwater, cast up, cud, convenience food, squish, tripe, strike, soil, quagmire, carbohydrate, plash, pile, slime, quag, base, landfill, aphrodisiac, morass, feedbag, cheese, feed, splosh, dog biscuit, slops, poop, scat, squeeze, bone meal, fishmeal, move, toil, deepen, splatter, spill, trudge, glop, spatter, quell, run out, corn, disgorge, crapola, sprinkle, ruin, doo-doo, course, bit, mawkish, theatricals, forage, fodder, pulp, slush around, ooze, sludge, sentimental, pigswill, bespatter, excreta, pour forth, bilge, spray, feces, litter, schmaltzy, sleaze, shed, golden syrup, squash, mire, slosh around, squelch, pigwash, melodrama, come in, maudlin, comfort food, plod, swash, cornmeal mush, treacle, leavings, catch, dash, break, creole, quench.

Usage examples: