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Definition of slowness:

  1. The quality or state of being slow.


lag, maladroitness, cumbersomeness, simpleness, boneheadedness, dim-wittedness, dulness, slowdown, unhurriedness, weighing, oafishness, thickness, stiffness, unsuitableness, unsuitability, foolishness, dorkiness, nuisance value, brainlessness, clumsiness, deliberateness, deliberation, retardation, dopiness, weak-mindedness, gormlessness, deceleration, advisement, subnormality, vacuity, retardant, stupidity, ineptness, ineptitude, witlessness, unwieldiness, senselessness, density, stupor, backwardness, worthlessness, gracelessness, dumbness, calculation, fatuity, awkwardness, mental retardation, insensibility, mindlessness, retardent, slowing.

Usage examples: