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Definition of sluggishness:

  1. The state of being sluggish; natural or habitual indolence; want of power to move; slowness.


quietude, hebetude, industrious, unemotionality, emotionlessness, do-nothingism, unconcern, indifference, composure, lustrelessness, languidness, sloth, phlegm, impassibility, stolidity, sluggardness, matt, matte, stupor, mat, leadenness, lusterlessness, sputum, tranquillity, languor, quietness, two-dimensionality, planeness, impassivity, dreaminess, lethargy, torpidity, lassitude, slackness, calmness, flatness, action, impassiveness, inanition, stoicism, shiftlessness, unfeelingness.

Usage examples: