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Definition of sluttish:

  1. Like a slut; untidy; indecently negligent of cleanliness; disorderly; as, a sluttish woman.


lightheaded, calorie-free, wanton, easygoing, liberal, informal, low-cal, well-situated, abstemious, wakeful, lightsome, promiscuous, well-off, swooning, light-headed, short, lite, slack, lax, well-heeled, tripping, leisurely, idle, on the loose, scant, untidy, gentle, loose, well-to-do, unchaste, clear, unaccented, motiveless, blowzy, easy, unaffixed, slatternly, comfortable, soft, at large, unprovoked, clean, free, well-fixed, blowsy, open, faint, unclouded, light-colored, light, prosperous, escaped, weak.

Usage examples: