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Definition of smash:

  1. A breaking or dashing to pieces; utter destruction; wreck.
  2. Hence, bankruptcy.
  3. To break in pieces by violence; to dash to pieces; to crush.
  4. To break up, or to pieces suddenly, as the result of collision or pressure.
  5. To hit ( the ball) from above the level of the net with a very hard overhand stroke.


knock up, deflower, smashingly, impregnate, sever, cacophony, shell, belt ammunition, take its toll, breeze through, reveal, smash-up, beauty, break up, batter, squeeze, collar, demote, accident, smashup, pelt, recrudesce, budget items, backhand, trounce, poke, damp, knocking, lash, megahit, thresh, erupt, go, bang, burst, relegate, dab, buffet, brawl, jolt, pummel, collision, crack up, charge, blockbuster, interrupt, thwack, clangor, ruin, soften, founder, knock, paste, pall, whack, striking, boom, arrest, clay, hack, car crash, split up, big hitter, unwrap, do, roast, sweetheart, concussion, mash, breakup, expand, switch, dish, knockout, rend, lick, give way, go against, belabor, shiver, dash, give, bankrupt, biff, dribble, squelch, let on, kick, break-dance, whop, break out, steamroller, shock, disclose, violate, infract, harm, rupture, separate, crumble, beep, break point, hook, baste, kick downstairs, wham, cashier, smear, give away, slog, scare off, belt, overhead, overwhelm, weaken, bang up, breaking, mantrap, clank, stunner, torpedo, welt, squash, stop, clangoring, supernova, thump, disfigure, wear out, clang, operating expense, undo, plump, pillory, command overhead, check, total, intermit, clangour, leader, swipe, overpower, wrack, help, break away, bam, whump, snap off, transgress, apprehend, ravisher, clobber, ball, catch, scud, bump, part, bop, boom out, jar, frighten away, eruption, expose, haymaker, go bad, assault, beat, thrash, whang, scare, swat, swath, flourish, blindside, thud, success, shoot, bat, report, damage, hammer, pass with flying colors, let out, pause, strike, scare away, fringe, discontinue, punch, advantage, stripe, collapse, viewgraph, blast, nail down, pass, knock out, chip, flush, jam, break in, thrill, fillip, aquaplane, pop, break down, divulge, attack, conk out, slam, snap, break off, douse, thunder, peg, spoil, blow, lambaste, massacre, spank, disk overhead, nab, delivery, develop, mark, smasher, sunder, stain, clip, discover, clap, blare, daunt, clack, drub, flash, work stoppage, tap, peach, knock down, play, crash, larrup, smite, fall apart, bash, win, wash up, wear, split, winner, hurt, frighten off, boot, bring out, jounce, dart, pound, belted ammunition, alley, wallop, slap, smack, clamor, cream, cross, ace, shellac, conk, crush, mar, success story, rap, come apart, thunderclap, injure, sock, cave in, better, lulu, pick up, the Davis Cup, prang up, rush, pulverise, fail, a howling success, impingement, savage, sweep through, scoot, suppress, performer, pinpoint, breach, fracture, sail through, blowout, strike at, nail, defeat, vanquish, rive, finish, operating cost, offend, tour de force, biggie, rift, dampen, dive, breakdown, command processing overhead, corner, pick, get around, sink, beat out, oppress, thrive, broadside, break, assail, hit, clamour, crucify, cuff, ball girl, cross up, whomp, stroke, fall in, din, slug, die, ball boy, looker, get out, clout, box, bust, complete, stinger, clash, chop, overcome, pile up, ten-strike, hitting, give out, crack, cop.

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