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Definition of smasher:

  1. Anything very large or extraordinary.
  2. One who passes counterfeit coin.
  3. One who, or that which, smashes or breaks things to pieces.


hitting, eruption, beauty, truelove, charge, flush, sweetie, kick, dish antenna, fringe, bam, bang, peach tree, smash, looker, knockout, witness, striking, rap, apricot, ten-strike, dish aerial, hit, peach, bash, viewer, beaut, salmon pink, ravisher, yellowish pink, debaucher, watcher, violator, dishful, knock, lulu, crash, steady, saucer, mantrap, strike, bag, belt, dish, overhead, collision, stunner, spectator, smash-up, clap, cup of tea, work stoppage, thrill, boot, tap, sweetheart, rush, kayo, blast.

Usage examples: