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Definition of smirch:

  1. A smutch; a dirty stain.
  2. To smear with something which stains, or makes dirty; to smutch; to begrime; to soil; to sully.


filth, asperse, bit, spotlight, dapple, pip, blur, flaw, fleck, malignment, scandal, slander, post, discolouration, blotch, disgrace, dirt, stigma, plaster, speckle, minimize, defacement, position, discoloration, derogate, slur, maculation, blot, imperfection, disfigurement, belittle, besmear, defect, daub, calumniate, billet, mark, cloud, grease, crack, injury, smear, touch, topographic point, corrupt, situation, dishonor, dent, maculate, bedaub, brand, sully, cytosmear, cytologic smear, fault, office, aspersion, patch, reproach, point, put on, blemish, smudge, grunge, berth, place, dab, vilification, stain, besmirch, deformity, spot, speck, defame, denigrate, grime, smutch.

Usage examples: