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Definition of smother:

  1. That which smothers or causes a sensation of smothering, as smoke, fog, the foam of the sea, a confused multitude of things.


incommode, worship the ground someone walks on, kettle of fish, publish, anaesthetise, hold back, long, strangulate, inconvenience, suppress, trouble, bury, trounce, damp, mess, cramp, hold out, burke, clobber, dust, ring, paste, crown, hold in, top, gag, keep back, smoke, bump off, issue, hush, manage, stretch out, fall for, anaesthetize, halter, wallop, jumbal, mute, hamper, keep down, disoblige, fix, wrap, put out, release, quash, douse, mare's-nest, submerge, wax, snow under, restraint, hole, skunk, blow away, stamp out, reduce, tone down, fuddle, patchwork, cover, insulate, hem in, strangle, sit on, pocket, dull, master, blanket, whup, annihilate, swallow, conceal, quench, fight a fire/blaze, squelch, extinguish, breath, circumvent, retire, bother, throttle, rout, deal with, dote on, fence in, whop, cream, beat out, subdue, bottle up, anesthetize, recover, repress, stifle, blow out, jam, suffocate, fence, flatten, clutter, love, whomp, surround, extend, put under, muffle, sink, tackle, exsert, shellac, discommode, tromp, palisade, wall, coat, anesthetise, choke, environ, drub, care for, border, idolise, skin, bomb, jumble, besiege, welter, muddle, dampen, subjugate, thrash, trim, asphyxiate, hodgepodge, stretch forth, adore, bring out, take someone's life, skirt, pickle, hold down, beleaguer.

Usage examples: