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Definition of snag:

  1. A short rough branch; a knot; a sharp protuberance; a tooth projecting beyond the rest; a sunken tree, of which one end appears at or near the surface in a river, while the other is firmly fixed at the bottom.
  2. To hew roughly, as with an axe; to disable or pierce by means of the trunk of a tree floating end upwards in a river.


cloud, bust, injure, countercurrent, nuisance, rake, traverse, stock split, schism, harm, enlistment, arrest, rent, chip, find, catch-22, blow, evil, hardship, wipe, goad, open, rub, blemish, knot, hinderance, tour, disincentive, breakage, roue, limited, trials and tribulations, blood, barricade, split, take its toll, obtain, accept, hang-up, kiss of death, get together, booby trap, hobble, hitch, deterrence, stain, bout, preventative, burn, gimmick, land mine, issue, economic rent, gotcha, limp, difficulty, help, halt, spoil, duty tour, crime, damage, blister, riptide, derive, disfigure, mar, baggage, hurt, teardrop, incumbrance, interference, hammer blow, blight, tour of duty, tear, split up, mark, disturbance, burnout, crack, wall, get, binge, preventive, profligate, rakehell, trouble, bruise, joker, come by, tide rip, gain, bring, problem, rip, crosscurrent, term of enlistment.

Usage examples: