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Definition of sneak:

  1. A mean truckling fellow; a mean servile time- server.
  2. To steal away privately; to withdraw meanly, as if afraid or ashamed to be seen; to act with meanness or servility; to truckle.


slue, raise, countermand, mulct, knock off, vellicate, sneaky, hush-hush, defraud, hugger-mugger, slide, snare, steal, rear, loot, get up, sneak thief, wind, patter, skulk, nark, concealed, drop off, rustle, stoolie, nobble, mistake, underhanded or unreliable person, imperceptible, vacate, solicit, come up, feeble, fawn, bigmouth, pinch, skulking, rise, crawl, arise, glide, rook, slink, glom, splay, abstract, cower, underhanded, swipe, bunco, snitcher, fleece, gumshoe, rescind, pilfer, skid, snake, stool pigeon, pilferer, victimize, ill-defined, prowl, squeeze, grovel, cabbage, revoke, canary yellow, slip one's mind, stealth, covert, burgle, soak, swindle, plunder, bring up, underhand, undercover, surcharge, underground, clandestine, go up, gym shoe, pussyfoot, sneaker, confidence man, run away with, slip, kidnap, airlift, luxate, lift, rob, hook, invisible, crimp, spirit, pluck, uprise, thieve, plagiarise, slew, pad, hole-and-corner, hoist, reverse, blurred, move up, snitch, overcharge, snarf, surreptitious, sneaking, goldbrick, filch, snatch, overturn, face-lift, abduct, plume, weasel, scam, drop away, walk off with, repeal, annul, subtle, crochet, stoolpigeon, addict, short-change, top, elevate, prowler, lurk, tweet, accost, fink, fall away, help yourself to something, move, cop, con, informer, canary bird, tennis shoe, plagiarize, purloin, smuggle, canary, dislocate, behind-the-scenes, backstairs, stalker, lurking, faint, private, mug, hornswoggle, diddle, fuzzy, mouse, cringe, privy, err, stealthy, furtive, dog, indistinct, gazump, mole, twitch, inconspicuous, twinge, informant, gip, creep, grass.

Usage examples: