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Definition of sniff:

  1. Perception by the nose.
  2. To draw air audibly up the nose; to scent or smell.


asphyxia, snuff, inhale, snivel, breath, come down, redolence, snuffle, taste, jack up, scent, catch your breath, put down, mainline, choke, artificial respiration, abuse, savour, bronchus, odor, olfactory, smells, bronchial tube, whiff, sniffle, aroma, deride, nose, do, dope, blow, find fault with, deal, bad breath, puff, smell, denigrate, lace, blubber, catch, blub, fight for breath, sniff out, sigh, breathe, remonstrate, reproach, criticize, smell, gasp, palate, OD, airway, rebuke, bronchiole, breathing, blame, drop, gulp, scent, reprimand.

Usage examples: