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Definition of snout:

  1. The projecting nose of a beast; the human nose, in contempt; the nozzle of a pipe.
  2. To furnish with a nozzle.


schnoz, beak, antler, point, anatomical, bird of night, prig, stump, nose, neb, projection, car horn, motor horn, nib, honker, bony, convex, owl, soapbox, proboscis, arm, rostrum, horn, body, flap, smeller, ridge, overhang, protuberance, podium, ambo, conk slang, proboscis, blowhole, hooter, limb, protrusion, snot, nozzle, pecker, dais, bill, snob, anatomy, belly, carapace, capsule, snoot, bird of Minerva, pulpit, schnozzle, automobile horn.

Usage examples: