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Definition of snow:

  1. The congealed moisture or vapour of the atmosphere, in the form of light white flakes, of very beautiful and perfect forms.
  2. To fall in snow; to scatter like snow.


gust, drug, deluge, gaff, drizzle, hornswoggle, C. P. Snow, play false, lash down, degree Celsius, juggle, burn, speed of light, downpour, ampere-second, gammon, cytosine, sucker, lead by the nose, string along, bluff, hoodwink, buffalo, nose candy, light speed, curtain, avalanche, blow, humbug, century, snooker, reversal, vitamin C, con, coulomb, have on, carbon, the heavens opened, opium, Charles Percy Snow, pull the wool over someone's eyes, slush, hoax, blizzard, black eye, mislead, one C, fade, blench, shock, take in, pour, snowfall, deoxycytidine monophosphate, cloudburst, dupe, hail, have, sleet, gull, catch, misinform, setback, acid rain, cocain, fool, cozen, dull, pelt, reverse, c, fake out, spoof, pale, coke, cocaine, puff, blanch, ascorbic acid, atomic number 6, come down, bump, beguile, bleach, suck in, trick, hundred, misguide, wash out, dew, blast, storm, bamboozle, dewdrop, rain, beat down, baron snow of leicester, delude, band, degree centigrade, decolorize.

Usage examples: