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Definition of snub:

  1. To check; to reprimand; to rebuke, particularly in a sarcastic manner.


prune, thin out, hack, issue, curve, make out, trade blows/insults, trim down, disgust, insult, brush aside, fight off, swing, foreshorten, push aside, cut off, write out, admonish, track, offend, give someone the go-by, gross out, neglect, rebuff, slur, edit, veer, silent treatment, scorn, force back, switch off, deletion, discount, offense, trim back, wound, dismiss, drive, shun, rationalize, edit out, accept, cut, bring down, ignore, brush off, turn off, revolt, beat back, short, tailor, push back, undercut, swerve, abridge, gash, turn out, coldshoulder, drive back, slight, repel, jibe, rationalise, skip, dilute, trim, cutting off, excision, reprimand, disdain, appal, cut of meat, slice, abbreviate, cutting, trend, thin, cut down, step on someone's toes, baseball swing, stinger, geld, sheer, affront, kiss-off, name-calling, censure, contract, speak/talk out of turn, slue, reduce, shock, repulse, cut back, shorten, reproach, slash, cold shoulder, name, slew, offence, burn, disregard, scold, give someone the cold shoulder.

Usage examples: