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Definition of snug:

  1. To lie close or concealed.
  2. Warm and close; sheltered; concealed; not exposed to view; being in good order; neat and comfortable.


backless, orderly, bandbox, well-provided, button-down, set, cushy, cheeseparing, secretive, brief, unaired, neat, shipshape, crisp, brownstone, crowded, airless, sheltered, close, closelipped, spruce, comfy, pigeonhole, snuggle, nestle, cheery, cubby, near, best, picked up, apartment, secure, tighten, carbuncle, kempt, clingy, nigh, contented, good, beachfront, closemouthed, comfortable, baronial, chamber, tidy, A-line, at rest, soft, homelike, canny, cosy, narrow, colonial, spick-and-span, appointed, checkroom, baggy, cubbyhole, bathroom, satisfactory, coatroom, warm, relaxed, ballroom, burned-out, nuzzle, fast, lodged, commodious, stuck, boot-cut, folksy, clean, luxurious, skinny, well-to-do, groomed, civilized, well-groomed, genial, clubhouse, frozen, jammed, coat check, tightlipped, trig, order, easeful, snuggery, cheerful, uncluttered, well-off, faithful, close-fitting, carpeted, cavernous, tight, prim, wedged, smug, convenient, informal, cheeseparing, salubrious, antiseptic, confining, stuffy, agreeable, pleasant, intimate, cramped, tidied, protected, cloakroom, casual, compact, penny-pinching, trim, button-through, cuddle, cozy, auditorium.

Usage examples: