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Definition of so:

  1. In like manner, when preceded or followed by as; in such manner, when followed by that; in this way, when followed by as; for this reason; thus; thus it is; provided that; in a high degree, as, he was so good.


such, accordingly, thereof, surely, ensuing, really, knock-on, C, unusually, thus, double, sol, very, double flat, uncertainly, infinitely, spot-on, exact, evidently, literally, remarkably, that is all, in order, by virtue of something, this, soh, disproportionate, D, indefinitely, and so, enough, precise, consequently, good, truthful, veracious, extremely, chord, then, essentially, indeed, honestly, accordingly, three-quarter, fit, actually, having finished, dead-on, systematic, do, simply, colloidal suspension, bass, isometric, immensely, particularly, a lot, from, bang on, deeply, well, vaguely, true, and then, accurate, thoroughly, therefrom, by, life-size, precisely, certainly, greatly, proper, thusly, that, full-size, crotchet, B, colloidal solution, on-target, right, clearly, as a consequence/in consequence, A, correct, beat.

Usage examples:

  • So there it is."

    - "Fantômas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.
  • Oh, you believe so, do you?

    - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.
  • It is so ridiculously easy.

    - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.