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Definition of soak:

  1. To cause to suck in wet or moisture; to steep; to wet thoroughly; to lie steeped in a liquor; to enter gradually into pores or interstices.


pick off, cull, moisten, beatify, drinker, boozer, body odor, gouge, rob, snarf, pilfer, absorb, alcoholic, lift up, nip, hustle, primp, pluck, imbrue, overload, plunk, delouse, immersion, dunk, imbue, deplume, displume, sousing, sop up, gazump, hook, accept, plunge, juicer, lift, pull, nick, dry, bubble bath, douche, imbibe, overcharge, glom, souse, pinch, squirt, B.O., boozehound, whack, uplift, dip, tweak, clip, exhilarate, alkie, thieve, knock off, sot, tear, roll, steep, ablutions, pawn, percolate, knowledge, interpenetrate, juicehead, merge, addict, bleed, sneak, inebriate, purloin, soakage, dowse, snitch, water, assimilate, hit it up, soaker, wring, soften, sop, drench, congratulate, crochet, skin, wet, exalt, drink, tosspot, diffuse, plop, accost, shear, booze, pick, immerge, solicit, cabbage, bathe, digest, wipe up, dress, pride, riddle, filch, shortchange, hue, cop, hose, elate, douse, guzzle, tipple, honest, pick up, surcharge, put out, plume, register, toper, rip off, tippler, dampen, tank up, fleece, duck, intoxicate, drunkard, scalp, clean up, sodden, deplumate, pull off, cover, hock, drenching, peddle your influence, soak through, nobble, stiff, preen, give, abstract, lush, sink in, dipsomaniac, mop, snare, rummy, thrill, Drugs, tickle pink, take up, soak up, underpay, swipe, bath, soaking.

Usage examples: