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Definition of soap:

  1. To flatter; to wheedle.


trounce, perfumed soap, grievous bodily harm, bath soap, Castile soap, saddle soap, muck, amole, lather, metallic soap, sludge, liquid soap, scoopful, max, scoop, laundry soap, detergent, soapsuds, lash, hard soap, welt, strap, soap papers, solvent, deodorant soap, liquid ecstasy, ooze, pocket, guest soap, scoop shovel, tar soap, antibacterial soap, gunk, goo, soap chips, gook, exclusive, fitted soap, naphtha soap, goop, middle soap, gum soap, settled soap, bar soap, soap powder, a cake of soap, cream soap, flog, wash ball, glycerine soap, moisturizing soap, lead soap, green soap, slime, guck, soap flakes, easy lay, softener, soap tablet, neat soap, soap root, gel soap, slash, brown soap, soft soap, whip.

Usage examples: