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Definition of soar:

  1. To fly by wind power; to glide indefinitely without loss of altitude.


amplify, lofty, arise, accompanied baggage, extend, multiply, upsurge, scend, airline, sky, glide, grow, rapid growth, knee-high, sailplane, rejoice in, air rage, run up, sail, jump for joy, baggage allowance, heave, live happily ever after, double, go up, air mile, whizz, rocket, airlink, aerial, precipitous, zoom, cheer, surge, proliferate, boost, soar upwards, look forward to, step up, increase, kick up, baggage check, high, hang glide, add to, shoot up, soar up, build, rejoice, treasure, swell, aggrandize, magnify, snowball, low-rise, zoom along, elevated, beef up, build up, whizz along, airfare, pick up, brighten, augment, thrive on, wax, billow, ascension, tide, level, baggage storage, enlarge, low, be happy for someone, go through the roof, higher, rapid climb, hoist, rising, expand, skyrocket, burgeon, escalate, raise, fly.

Usage examples: