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Definition of sober:

  1. To make sober.


justified, olive-drab, matter-of-fact, uncomic, low-key, steady, blue, abstemious, officious, gloomy, well-founded, unromantic, colored, abstentious, severe, sincere, serious, attitude, muted, stolid, reasonable, clearheaded, teetotaler, dry, cold, hard, self-abnegating, sedate, weighty, informed, bleached, not touch a drop, humorlessly, color-coded, uninebriated, rational, solid, reasoned, real, unplayful, sombre, staid, unpretentious, in earnest, pragmatical, valid, brash, subdued, unflashy, life-threatening, good, melancholy, practical, heavy, dangerous, toned-down, unintoxicated, understated, down-to-earth, chintzy, commonsensible, bright, substantial, drab, tough-minded, bold, repressed, firm, funereal, sign/take the pledge, calm, hardheaded, dingy, stone-sober, teetotal, colourless, somber, just, no-nonsense, objective, commonsensical, dreary, cold sober, po-faced, disconsolate, excite, restraint, colorless, dark, dismal, humorless, temperance, deep, continent, unsmiling, sensible, sorry, logical, realistic, prosaic, grievous, sober up, levelheaded, grave, solemn, on the wagon, clean, commonsense, self-possessed, drear, pragmatic, straight, ablaze, sobersided, stone-cold sober.

Usage examples: