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Definition of social:

  1. Pert. to men as living in society; ready to engage in friendly and familiar intercourse; companionable; disposed to mix in society; festive.


racial, participate, genial, amicable, B and S, extroverted, self-imposed, well-disposed, polite, the Inland Revenue, amphibious, connect, worldly, socially, blowout, austere, social security, secular, attitude, political, A-list, elite, GPO, aid, inactive, material, child support, bachelorette party, polished, anthropoid, informative, the Land Registry, group, hospitable, kind, B-list, outgoing, good, bohemian, bash, all-nighter, entertaining, friendly, chief, the social, below, sociable, tender, the DOH, philanthropic, the Home Office, affectionate, androgynous, fond, mundane, societal, governing, dole, brotherly, articulate, normative, bachelor party, the BBC, genteel, caged, kindly, best-of-breed, mixer, cordial, matey, monastic, pleasurable, mannerly, aquatic, fast, charitable, interpersonal, chancery, banquet, New Age, altruistic, clubby, complaisant, loving, back-to-nature, child benefit, living, herding, hearty, convivial, the British Council, benevolent, civil, boon, diverting, the Foreign Office, amusing, ethnic, means test, asexual, affable, captive, companionable, block party, swarming, gregarious, relief, assisted living, enclosed, accessible, afterparty, gracious, humane, benefit, favorable, common, above, neighborly, born, arboreal, baby shower, universal, clubbable, cultural, HM.

Usage examples: