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Definition of society:

  1. A number of persons associated for a particular purpose; fellowship; the civilised body of mankind; the public; those persons in any community who usually associate together; a religious body.


familiarity, circle, citizen, gang, participation, background, baseball club, Fellowship, club, hunting lodge, countrywoman, parliamentary law, gentleman, support group, chamber, the nobility, high life, ordering, guild, the upper class, beginnings, knot, edict, the many, gentlewoman, sisterhood, orderliness, companionship, polite company, clump, association institute, class, ball club, human species, alliance, confederation, decree, person, gathering, over, company, friendship, caller, fringe, auberge, birthright, busload, countryman, your fellow man/men, sodality, polite society, ring, conjunction, upper crust, hostelry, commission, rescript, humanity, beau monde, cabaret, order of magnitude, competition, congress, life, gentlefolk, coffee klatch, club, comradeship, lifestyle, confederacy, union, fraternity, public, jet set, the bourgeoisie, brotherhood, patriciate, conviviality, police, individual, class-conscious, panel, institute, classless, do, quality, crush, bon ton, evening, corporation, high society, consortium, purchase order, the body politic, nightspot, confederation, fashion, connection, camaraderie, civilization, fiat, parliamentary procedure, upper ten thousand, array, connect, Brahman, inn, community, blind date, clique, fellowship, rules of order, flash mobbing, guild, nobility, world, beneath, ship's company, lodge, gild, order, nightclub, league, aboriginal, sorority, citizenship, constellation, clubhouse, association, civilisation, compatriot, organization, corporation, flower, aristocracy, body, classism, elite, faction, gentility, comradery, blue blood, gentry, human, upper class, ordination, nine, bourgeois, set, institution, nation, flash mob, smart set, indian lodge, specific, coterie, syndicate, event, social club, intercourse, brotherhood, hostel, company, mankind, golf-club, night club, birth, black tie, dinner party, board, monastic order, age group, party.

Usage examples: