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Definition of sock:

  1. To hurl, drive, or strike violently; - often with it as an object.
  2. To strike heavily; to beat; to crush.


whack, have a go at it, sea anchor, biff, love, have it away, pop, paste, jazz, roll in the hay, bonk, be intimate, strike, garter stockings, wind sock, bang, get it on, windsock, slam, clip, wallop, make out, air-sleeve, smash, make love, athletic socks, nylon stockings, knee socks, whop, hose, swat, have intercourse, know, air sock, smite, crew socks, sleep with, catch, wind cone, bobby socks, golf hose, eff, drogue parachute, clout, belt, bebop, bash, tube socks, get laid, tights bed socks, drogue chute, attack, ankle-length stocking, seamless hose, sweat socks, pantyhose, cotton hose, knock, sheer stockings, sleep together, screw, slug, full-fashioned stockings, whap, support hose, conk, ankle socks, do it, drogue, hit, sock it to someone, hump, bop, drogue, have it off, fishnet stockings, rayon hose, lie with, mesh stockings, wham, mercerized hose, let someone have it, have sex, baby socks, thwack, slog, clothes, bed, wind sleeve.

Usage examples: