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Definition of soften:

  1. To make soft; to grow soft; to mollify; to make less harsh or severe; to make less glaring; to grow less obdurate or cruel.


go bad, moisten, dulcify, cloud, better, solidify, make over, dissolve, tame, transform, concede, let on, counteract, atomize, fail, give in, increase, lighten, ornament, revise, discover, bust, bankrupt, separate, mitigate, transgress, erupt, ruin, interrupt, ease up, discontinue, break in, get out, mash, contain, break, move with the times, split, boil away, stop, bear, go, step down, part, bump, tone down, buckle under, wash, get around, boil up, tire, buffer, cede, dampen, damp, mute, bend, reduce, move over, smash, let out, disintegrate, recrudesce, adorn, mince, knuckle under, snap off, temper, relegate, strengthen, chasten, fracture, muffle, offend, control, develop, render, thaw, change your mind, capitulate, modify, fall apart, afford, give out, gussy up, enervate, grant, prostrate, undermine, infract, relent, lessen, disclose, conk out, burst, see reason/sense, break down, waste, weaken, move on, decrease, stiffen, clear, die, de-escalate, generate, succumb, enhance, remove, devitalize, countermine, go against, hold, cushion, pause, break up, bubble, check, break away, bring out, sabotage, expose, qualify, divulge, cave in, etiolate, give, come apart, subvert, illuminate, demote, chair, boil over, decorate, reveal, deliberate, lead, break dance, break off, yield, lower, adapt, slacken, renounce, unwrap, palliate, violate, breach, return, propitiate, backpedal, wear, crack, hold in, knead, boil, ease off, stifle, beautify, intermit, pay, mellow, moderate, sweeten, convert, give way, embellish, fall in, kick downstairs, curb, wear out, founder, collapse, gentle, give away, strong, sap, split up, bake, melt, break out.

Usage examples: