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Definition of soil:

  1. Filth; any foul matter upon another substance; a stain; dung; tarnish.
  2. In agri., to feed cattle with green food in the stall.
  3. The upper stratum of the earth; mould; land.
  4. To defile; to polute; to dirty; to besmear; to bedaub.


gunk, dirty, crud, kingdom, discolouration, imperfection, nation, spot, bespatter, shit, flat coat, background, blot, district, clay, doo-doo, dust, discoloration, poop, denigrate, mark, agronomics, footing, breed, body politic, clod, blemish, the CAP, primer, ground, deformity, ordure, vulgarism, filthiness, agriculture, attack, priming coat, scandal, grit, domain, defect, excrement, undercoat, res publica, excreta, demesne, dominion, defacement, smut, blur, agrochemical, obscenity, blacken, daub, alluvium, cloud, scat, dirty word, flaw, skank, basis, black, reason, mud, brand, foulness, dishonor, stain, territory, lubricating oil, shite, slops, mess up, primer coat, corrupt, solid ground, stigma, waste, filth, reproach, grease, disgrace, grime, grunge, crap, spatter, commonwealth, estate, fault, smutch, acres, injury, agrarian, dung, land, country, territorial dominion, loam, agribusiness, bemire, besmear, dent, bemire, priming, colly, dry land, realm, disfigurement, agronomy, state, farming, agroindustry, feces, turd, clean, speck, landed estate, dirt, malicious gossip, muck, nastiness, crack, besoil, infect, agricultural, begrime.

Usage examples: