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Definition of soldier:

  1. A man engaged in military service; a warrior; one engaged in war.


dragon, serviceman, knight, Special Forces, trooper, spend, legionnaire, commando, machine-gunner, veteran, artilleryman, volunteer, legionary, infantryman, Ranger, skirmisher, airman, conscript, Joe, rifleman, Seabee, selectee, conflict, foot soldier, guerrilla, regular, pioneer, warmonger, private, marksman, gunner, torpedo operator, sniper, bombardier, rank and file, GI, airwoman, cavalryman, radio operator, recruit, ski trooper, signalman, air gunner, fighting man, antiaircraft gunner, sepoy, air-borne trooper, belligerent, cannoneer, officer, noncommissioned officer, engineer, grenadier, paratrooper, sharpshooter, tanker, guardsman, bomber pilot, sniper-scout, scout, cannon fodder, musketeer, Zouave, cadet, draftee, enlisted man, Green Beret, pass, fighter pilot, ranks, warrant officer, crew, enlisted woman, commissioned officer, doughfoot, dogface.

Usage examples: