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Definition of solicit:

  1. To ask with some degree of earnestness; to entreat; to beseech; to invite, as the attention; to try to obtain.


mash, decoy, fleece, accost, exploit, scalp, cabbage, bespeak, tempt, gazump, woo, flirt, survey, interview, attack, call girl, filch, courtesan, hit, bait, swipe, lift, crave, butterfly, plume, tap, tip, beg, hit on, hooker, lead on, require, overcharge, ho, beleaguer, escort, thieve, bedevil, abstract, pluck, snitch, snare, hound, coquet, brothel, ask, court, knock, claim, harry, conjure, tapdance, surcharge, pinch, insist on something, order, philander, crochet, speak, impetrate, come up to, pray, rap, chat up, badger, pink, coquette, bug, purloin, bordello, bordello, nobble, plague, seduce, gigolo, importune, harass, proposition, ask for, intercept, harlot, tout, cop, rob, betray, call, pilfer, hawk, hook, besiege, allure, wiretap, drum up, sneak, dally, romance, beset, knock off, boost, hustle, quest, soak, pester, push, addict, snarf, glom, poll, beguile, sue, pitch.

Usage examples: