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Definition of solid:

  1. A firm compact body; a body not liquid or fluid; in geom., a magnitude which has length, breadth, and thickness.
  2. Hard; firm; compact; impenetrable; not liquid or fluid; not hollow; healthy; strong; valid; just; not light or superficial.


stony, forceful, hard, firm, brawny, silhouette, concrete, coherent, balanced, correct, stout, permeable, sound, perfect, solidity, substance, potent, adamantine, solidness, grounded, satisfying, dense, built, packed, secure, comforting, square, rational, resist, truehearted, unfailing, good, levelheaded, unfluctuating, shape, impermeable, self, precise, unhurt, informed, concentrate, unerring, red-blooded, practical, strong, form, linear, sound, semisolid, unattackable, consentaneous, cohesive compact, calculable, endless, unvaried, unyielding, steadfast, substantialness, trust, incompressible, inviolable, bent, iron, big, self-coloured, solid-state, continue, sensible, vigorous, continual, justified, full-blooded, massive, concrete, proportions, honorable, unbendable, barrel-chested, cogent, straightforward, angular, impenetrable, unshakable, solidified, pragmatic, matter, homogenous, plain, reliable, substantial, stubborn, tight, worthy, unbroken, material, consentient, absorbent, reasonable, immobile, forever, profound, hearty, oblique, figure, closed, parallel, fast, loyal, whole, well-founded, profile, rigid, coagulated, formation, heavy-duty, bulbous, hale, faithful, tried, wholesome, unhollowed, undiversified, unbending-, unyielding, astringent, rooted, fixed, coltish, unpatterned, logical, tried-and-true, specific, homogeneous, dependable, serried, substantiality, monochromic, unfaltering, concentric, photosensitive, unscathed, safe, inflexible, stuff, reason, stubborn, dry, wax, stable, trustable, clean, tough, asymmetrical, ridged, agent, right, sober, lusty, upstanding, harsh, cheering, diehard, reasoned, fast, powder, straight, three-dimensional, self-colored, commonsense, steady, solid as a rock, undivided, bullnecked, burly, unharmed, well-grounded, aerodynamic, frame, trustworthy, just, diagonal, valid, beefy, concave, longitudinal, cubic, close, hard, congealed, impervious, unceasing, noble, committed, impregnable, porous, entire, deep-read, build, frozen, mature, substantial, honourable, responsible, well-grounded thorough, jelled, warm, physique, realistic, exact, chunky, jellied, firm, inflexible, unanimous, clear-headed, irresistible, commonsensible, commonsensical, trusty, rock-hard, indefinite, monochrome, sure, robust, impervious, Thickset, agree, impure, massive, rooted, stalwart, medium, strict, continuing, unwavering, serpentine, accurate, unassailable, opaque.

Usage examples: