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Definition of solitary:

  1. characterized by or preferring solitude in mode of life; " the eremitic element in the life of a religious colony"; " a lone wolf"; " a man of a solitary disposition"


correctional, hard labor, hermitlike, unfrequented, stay-at-home, imprisonment, (all) on your own, not a single, single, distant, apart, no, back, uncommunicative, troglodyte, self-contained, recluse, keep to yourself, undemonstrative, in isolation, unsociable, separate, offish, obscure, one, unapproachable, solitudinarian, two's company, three's a crowd, nothing, separate, include, eremitic, outlying, retiring, anchorite, extraordinary rendition, zilch, prison, out-of-the-way, lonesome, eremitical, near, solitary confinement, nonsocial, nobody, caveman, isolate, unaccompanied, hermit, (all) by yourself, unsocial, ungregarious, no one, removed, alone, one-off, withdrawn, only, not a living soul, reserved, nongregarious, life imprisonment, reticent, sui generis, cave man, life, unaccessible, particular, hot, solo, attitude, insular, confinement, cave dweller, companionless, companionless, home alone, lone, cool, sole, inaccessible, none, lonely, chilly, retired, naught, internment, remote, standoffish, life sentence, special, chill.

Usage examples: