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Definition of solve:

  1. To give an explanation of; to clear up; to unfold; to dissipate, as doubts.


settle up, cream, wreak, form, drub, gain, lap, bat, act upon, argue, explain, exploit, crystallise, put two and two together, run, sack up, break up, explain, enlighten, assess, get right, carry off, dissolve, sour, clobber, exercise, untangle, cope, realise, get to the bottom of, discharge, clear up, get through, acquit, make, reason out, figure, bring, sack, knead, work up, prove, put down to, lap up, find out, net, ferment, cultivate, bring in, dope out, clear, excuse, clue, elaborate, operate, pass, cypher, puzzle out, settle, have it, noughts and crosses, add up, crystalize, brain teaser, project, dope out, turn, conclude, straighten out, crystallize, put to work, go, exculpate, work out, thrash, act, answer, unlock, unclutter, authorize, decipher, forge, count, make a dent in a problem, brighten, process, shape, ask, make out, charades, hit upon a solution, influence, authorise, mold, cipher, puzzle, account for, handle, make for, surmount, function, figure out, reason, purpose, elucidate, crop, work on, crossword, earn, illuminate, light up, adjudicate, calculate, sort out, lick, mould, take in, riddle, do, decode, exonerate, quiz, work, reckon, interpret, shrug off, estimate, crack, jigsaw, hit the nail on the head, answer to, decipher, quizmaster, manage, pull in, hit it, break, hangman, dope, crystalise, divine, plead, assoil, decide, think out, do work, resolve, play, top, shed light on, overcome, compute.

Usage examples: