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Definition of solvent:

  1. Anything that dissolves another; a fluid in which a solid may be dissolved.
  2. Having the power of loosening or dissolving; able or sufficient to pay all just debts, applied to a person or an estate.


outcome, effect, solvency, discovery, response, acid, chemical, ether, dry ice, termination, answer, resolution, dissolvent, firmness of purpose, declaration, final result, chloride, straight, resultant, root, antioxidant, resolving, solving, settlement, dissolver, compound, agrochemical, element, base, dynamite, alkali, event, result, antifreeze, formalin, afloat, resultant role, be even, resoluteness, explanation, resolve, defoliant, enzyme, issue, water, carboniferous, closure, square, resolving power, dissolving agent, catalyst, resolvent, upshot, firmness, agar, solution, moderator, exposition, reply, gelignite, consequence, colorant.

Usage examples: