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Definition of son:

  1. A male child or male descendant; a term of affection and familiar endearment; a native; the produce of anything, or denoting some quality, as " son of pride," " sons of light"; the second person of the Trinity.


aboriginal, sonny, boy, parole, citizen, bastard, news, password, man, kids, logos, disciple, descendant, nephew, evangelist, sliver, the Holy Ghost, buster, compatriot, intelligence, bud, apostle, citizenship, sport, mate, countersign, chip off the old block, countryman, daughter, firstborn, apostolic, dependent, child, birthright, male child, the body politic, word of honor, mother's boy, give-and-take, bro, discussion, Father, dude, His, Christ, heir, offspring, watchword, word, He, buddy, niece, scion, foster son, community, citizenry, tidings, girl, Him, countrywoman, junior.

Usage examples: