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Definition of sonorous:

  1. Yielding a clear sound when struck; being of a clear loud sound; high- sounding; rich and full in sound.


operose, big, weighed down, stentorian, golden, slam-bang, expectant, lilting, grueling, declamatory, mellow, soft, overblown, grievous, toilsome, piercing, intemperate, reverberant, high-sounding, thundering, gravid, sound, plangent, heavy, grandiloquent, bombastic, grave, reverberative, cloggy, thunderous, lowering, arduous, impenetrable, punishing, mellifluous, sullen, round, labored, style, orotund, clayey, melodious, high-flown, melodic, ringing, musical, full, flowery, gruelling, backbreaking, tuneful, magniloquent, profound, lumbering, rhetorical, rotund, rich, great, fleshy, weighty, leaden, swollen, dense, overweight, ponderous, plain, fustian, enceinte, hard, threatening, large, laboured, aureate, wakeless, laborious, words, with child, sweet.

Usage examples: