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Definition of sop:

  1. Anything dipped and softened in a liquid and intended to be eaten; anything offered to pacify.
  2. To steep or dip in a liquid for food.


overcharge, hit it up, swamp, imbrue, plunge, decoy, psychological warfare, duck, fleece, wet, sodden, imbue, cumshaw, hush money, lever, souse, backhander, blackmail, bribe, rob, intoxicate, put out, hock, pluck, inebriate, gazump, dry, saturate, douse, soak through, bribery, standing operating procedure, surcharge, sops, drench, dowse, dip, manipulation, soak, special pleading, boodle, fix, pawn, standard procedure, dunk, standard operating procedure, plume, hook.

Usage examples: