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Definition of sophisticate:

  1. Not pure or genuine; adulterated.
  2. To adulterate; to debase; to corrupt by something spurious or foreign.


metropolitan, deform, adulterate, debauch, writhe, load, demoralise, misuse, flex, doctor up, subvert, veteran, repair, rick, man of the world, observer, vitiate, wriggle, profane, corrupt, clean, wrick, bushel, furbish up, fix, worm, touch on, curve, intellectual, debase, wrestle, pundit, abuse, wrench, doctor, turn, restore, convolute, slicker, twist around, sprain, squirm, wind, bend, mend, deprave, demoralize, pervert, distort, twist, cosmopolite, convolve, misdirect, the intelligentsia, city slicker, twine.

Usage examples: