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Definition of soul:

  1. The thinking, spiritual, and immortal being in man; that part of man which enables him to think and reason, and which distinguishes him from the brutes; heart; vital principle; essence or chief part; internal power; a living intellectual creature; spirit; energy or grandeur of mind; disposition or appetite; the inspirer of any action, or leader of an enterprise; used as a familiar appellation for a person, as a poor soul, a good soul.


specter, quiddity, body, vision, scout, essentiality, inside, spook, intense, affection, brain, blessing, fish, stiff, creature, blood, soulfulness, bhangra, be, absolution, shadow, ardent, ghost, man, mood, blaspheme, hysterical, apparition, breath, nub, principle, effect, wight, nous, gist, archangel, flavor, bluegrass, cherub, composition, soulful, society, courage, factor, baby, instinct, sense, cookie, culture, human being, disposition, party, backing, idealism, character, heroism, thought, life force, undercurrent, phantasm, tempestuous, root, life, phantom, acid house, specimen, background music, impassioned, individuality, quintessence, humanity, gravamen, woman, mind, your inner self, people, legend, homage, breast, blasphemous, aspect, aesthetic, article of faith, someone, blasphemy, intellect, mortal, personage, person, ambient, vital force, the many, umbra, frame of mind, psyche, inner space, art, customer, guy, gut, your fellow man/men, philosophy, somebody, homo, poetry, honor, feelings, heartstrings, quality, emotion, wraith, angel, cause, human, property, sort, sensation, torrid, love, substance, reason, reverence, duty, belly, format, histrionic, quick, ego, bod, head, devil, bird, understanding, nature, being, draftsmanship, passion, divine spark, component, peculiarity, shade, genius, angelic, blues, backup, intelligence, bosom, face, thing, force, temper, commission, individual, duck, bless, emotional, haunt, vitality, bebop, pith, stuff, feature, personality, slob, consciousness, acid jazz, bone, egg, folk, passionate, facet.

Usage examples: