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Definition of sounding:

  1. appearing to be as specified; usually used as combining forms; " left their clothes dirty looking"; " a most disagreeable looking character"; " angry- looking"; " liquid- looking"; " severe- looking policemen on noble horses"; " fine- sounding phrases"; " taken in by high- sounding talk"


making a clatter, murmuring, soughing, clinking, reference, whispering, thudding, bottommost, roaring, calling, rattling, crying, audible, clattering, pinging, bellowing, squealing, tinkling, soundings, screaming, reverberating, deeply, booming, growling, opinion poll, pattering, making a sound, looking, come down, echoing, full, crashing, splattering, making a noise, probe, fathomless, investigation, clanging, clicking, clucking, trawl, bottomless, deep, thundering, elicitation, chirping, inquiry, public inquiry, superficial, whirring, noisen, making a racket, ticking, screeching, hearable, bumping, knee-deep, grunting, fathom, rumbling, peeping, search, etc.

Usage examples: