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Definition of sour:

  1. showing a brooding ill humor; " a dark scowl"; " the proverbially dour New England Puritan"; " a glum, hopeless shrug"; " he sat in moody silence"; " a morose and unsociable manner"; " a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven; " a sour temper"; " a sullen crowd"


operate, flop, work out, acerb, put on, dark, wrench, dark-skinned, suboptimal, collapse, drab, make, blue, change state, simulated, play, acidulated, sullenness, turn over, uncongenial, acidulate, taste, embitter, stony, distant, displeasing, amiss, forbidding, shape, sinister, acidulousness, green, tasteless, sulkiness, tenacious, sourish, puzzle out, mild, work, acidulent, crash, exercise, imitation, figure out, plow, act, turn, tangy, wrong, wanting, unsavory, ferment, make for, knead, substandard, musty, paltry, astringent, inedible, sharp, run, disagreeable, lowering, unsatisfactory, vitriolic, subacid, putrefy, lemonlike, moroseness, acidify, non-white, biting, go off, drear, dour, acetic, do work, dreary, unwelcome, acrimony, off, ill-natured, bitterness, cultivate, awry, savage, bomb, wack, mould, glowering, plough, glum, benighted, mistaken, call on, wrick, deficient, wicked, inferior, antagonistic, tartness, irate, vinegary, insipid, rotten, brackish, icky, vinegarish, jaundice, reverse, off-key, astray, backfire, move around, fizzle, chocolate, bend, black, harsh, fake, acetous, temperamental, crop, curdle, coloured, fictive, poor, dingy, acerbity, decompose, pretended, crummy, stinging, go, assumed, flavored, surprise, sprain, languish, faux, foxy, solve, dry, bring, flex, virulent, ill, grow, process, persistent, disconsolate, unacceptable, cold, tart, untrue, founder, dismal, function, unharmonious, acidic, put to work, work on, malodorous, lick, happy, miss, subpar, obscure, punk, fictitious, false, bush-league, act upon, delusive, thrive, unpleasing, heavy, forge, molder, sorry, keen, acidulous, unpleasant, bland, twist, unyielding, distasteful, moody, bittersweet, yucky, sourness, turned, chocolatey, lame, bastard, cutting, rancid, acetify, become, deform, lemony, sham, dogged, inharmonious, influence, acerbic, fiery, mold, icy, decay, cancelled, morose, biodegrade, release, fail, bad, bush, saturnine, acetose, rick, thorniness, pertinacious, irritating, sullen, dissatisfactory, unlovely, change by reversal, stale, lousy, wreak, nasty, form, threatening, unpalatable, acidity, tartish, exploit, perish, aloof, fester.

Usage examples: