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Definition of source:

  1. The spring or fountain from which a stream of water flows; first cause; original; that which gives rise to anything.


bloodline, backstory, contribute, witnesser, connect, initiation, edit, gather, radical, starting time, semen, cascade, arising, outset, kickoff, stemma, obtain, computer address, citation, find out, fountainhead, author, etymon, seeded player, backer, get-go, discover, bug, line of descent, seed, editorship, pedigree, man-made lake, get, authority, blood line, find, offset, seedbed, tooth root, extraction, writer, establish, beginning, ancestor, cum, a good/bad/big etc. tipper, uncover, seminal fluid, contact, bring, backwater, extension, reference, cataract, root system, cite, parent, embed, stock, bayou, contributor, cover, solution, lineage, reservoir, donor, witness, ascertain, well, book of facts, rootstock, root word, checkbook journalism, artificial lake, headstream, fountain, denotation, connection, acknowledgment, origin, get together, etymon, descent, provenience, rootage, root, ascendent, blood, come by, first, paymaster, come, font, circulation, microbe, bottom, meal ticket, ancestry, reference point, reference book, provenance, character, ejaculate, authorization, expert, channel, bed, theme, gain, character reference, germ, opening, rise, bight, Indian giver, citizen journalism, informant, showtime, supplier, branch, parentage, address, base, read up on, point of reference, generator, credit, mother, determine, fount, payer, antecedent, reference work, confluence, mention, wellspring, head, specialist, quotation, ascendant, derive, consultation, blackout, line, accept.

Usage examples: