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Definition of souse:

  1. All at once; on a sudden.
  2. Pickle made with salt; something kept in pickle; the pickled ears, feet, & c., of swine.
  3. To plunge suddenly, or make a sudden plunge, into water.
  4. To soak or steep in pickle.


sink, carve, drenching, Drugs, deluge, butcher, imbrue, drunkard, butchery, beatify, immerse, stiff, gazump, boozer, duck, hook, dunk, bone, toper, absorb, beat, pelter, plume, rob, dive, sponge, hose, hit it up, dipsomaniac, blend, surcharge, sodden, drunk, alky, butter, dump, chill, dim, soak through, pickle, soakage, exhilarate, intoxicate, pawn, soaker, alcoholic, juicer, moisten, sousing, tosspot, rummy, waterspout, submerge, swamp, saturate, fleece, douse, plunge, juicehead, imbue, enter, hock, preserve, wipe up, blanch, squirt, brine, dip, dampen, engross, drown, tippler, cloudburst, overcharge, launch, exalt, plunk, steep, lush, downpour, wet, immerge, submerse, torrent, pluck, soak, alkie, tickle pink, inebriate, dowse, dry, boozehound, thrill, put out, sot, soaking, wring, drinker, bake, engulf, drench, sop, soak up.

Usage examples: