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Definition of sovereign:

  1. An emperor; a king; a monarch; a supreme ruler; an English gold coin of the value of 20s.
  2. Supreme in power or efficacy; chief; having no superior.


self-directed, governmental, colonialist, separate, autocrat, independent, H.R.H., absolutist, number one, R., drachma, collectivist, bicameral, key, primal, supreme, central, prior, first, self-ruling, democratic, governing, sire, dominant, monarch butterfly, the Queen, self-reliant, self-governing, preeminent, capital, Fr., groat, franc, Deutschmark, overriding, Rex, numero uno, ma'am, farthing, Defender of the Faith, crown, guilder, big, the Prince of Wales, crowned head, principal, federal, free, self-governed, DM, absolute, greatest, Regina, autonomous, dependence, milkweed butterfly, arch, highest, supreme ruler, ducat, freestanding, monarch, main, overmastering, overbearing, cardinal, the Queen Mother, primary.

Usage examples: