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Definition of space:

  1. Among printers, to make intervals between lines or between words.
  2. Extension, as in length, breadth, and thickness; room; distance; interval, as between lines; a quantity of time.


galley, lieu, property, blank shell, claim, expanse, interplanetary, aloofness, place, escape, seat, selenological, boot disk, catacombs, spot, ceiling, article, quadriceps, box, brickwork, post, corridor, berth, CDE, era, announcement, emancipation, copperplate, centerfold, cache memory, classified ad, creation, enfranchisement, turn off, lay out, CD-R, write off, ampersand, put something down to experience, blot out, apostrophe, duration, chapter, distance, office, addition, contents, elbow room, balcony, byline, separate, countdown, void, spell, transearth, sort, apportion, footprint, latitude, body, topographic point, capitalize, attention line, way, expansion, cache, blu-ray, font, artwork, align, cheesecake, pile, enclosure, arrange, foot, blank space, dotted line, hyperspace, format, neglect, clearance, bold, quadrangle, conservation area, amendment, belt, advice column, release, lunar, interstellar, space-age, lacuna, annex, overlook, piazza, headroom, autarky, day, free will, annexe, beading, billet, cornerstone, buffer, put aside, wiggle room, situation, alcove, lose sight of, vacuum, outer space, heap, ignore, layer, bracket, infinite, CD, dummy, big, liberty, delay, Room, air pocket, attachment, bullet point, emptiness, order, sweep, full-page, epoch, bullet, block, bit, date, nothingness, Martian, shoes, slip your mind/memory, piece, bay, domain, the cosmos, independence, colon, organize, the universe, autonomy, brace, conservancy, hiatus, musculus quadriceps femoris, home, infinity, blankness, plaza, banner headline, while, time, erase, comma, capitalise, freedom, forget, stead, quadruplet, border, put something behind you, position, blank, repress, obliterate, blank out, station, collate, cartoon, bad break, quadriceps femoris, dry land, spread, quad, hole, CD-RW, coda, CD-ROM, disregard.

Usage examples: