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Definition of span:

  1. Did spin.
  2. Pt. of spin, which see.
  3. The space between the end of the thumb and the fingers when extended, usually reckoned 9 in.; the spread of an arch; short duration; a yoke of oxen.
  4. To measure by the hand with the fingers extended, or by encompassing the object; to spread from one side to another, as an arch; to fetter, as a horse.


swing out, drag in, cut across, duad, braces, delay, build in, tangle, cut through, depth, restriction, compass, extend, bracing, limit, big, run, mates, incorporate, pair, breadth, pas de deux, girth, block, fight your way, broom, last out, stand, restraint, distich, duette, width, sweep, bridgework, confines, term, day, involve, yoke, track, set, sail, get across, embrace, embroil, control, go back, gauge, count in, spread, add on, drag, lie, baffle, get, twain, existence, dyad, foil, interbreed, sweep up, belong, life, bulldoze, push, distance, traverse, straddle, squeeze, cover, scotch, get over, hybridize, concentrate, bridge circuit, bitstock, spoil, go, bridge deck, countdown, check, bridge, doubleton, live, lifetime, gallus, pass over, clock in at, last, cross, duet, limitation, brush, frustrate, boundary, occupy, coupling, thickness, couplet, nosepiece, intersect, crossbreed, suspender, deny, orthodontic braces, twosome, duo, couple, chapter, brace, include, cut, swing, bilk, thwart, constraint, there is/are etc., exist, sit, take in, hybridise.

Usage examples: