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Definition of spank:

  1. A sounding blow with the open hand.
  2. To strike with the open hand.


hook, chastise, flog, pick, dabble, clap, smash, slug, crack, douse, thrash, bat, stroke, stun, lick, bastinado, bruise, waddle, smite, poke, hit, dodder, bash, stinger, defeat, wham, clip, box, totter, attack, surpass, chop, cudgel, bang, strike, blow, haymaker, plump, lash, whop, whack, bop, biff, pommel, pelt, batter, switch, paddle, castigate, larrup, belt, overcome, welt, slap, swat, cuff, beat up, scourge, smack, hack, fillip, splash around, spanking, toddle, spat, pound, wallop, belabor, thump, rap, stripe, conquer, thud, thwack, clout, bludgeon, punch, dab, bust, knock, buffet, slam, coggle, whip, swipe, sock, worst, beat, vanquish.

Usage examples: